Bogdanovich quarries

Bogdanovich quarries. Ural Mars.

The Bogdanovichi quarries, or in other words the Ural Mars, is a quarry where clay was previously mined for a local refractory plant. The deposit area is 76 sq. km. Its color resembles picturesque landscapes and will capture the attention of any visitor.


Bogdanovich quarries



In 1972, in the city of Bogdanovich, more than 50% of the population was involved in the work of a refractory plant. The plant is well equipped with modern advanced technologies. But at the beginning of the operation of the enterprise, clay was mined near the village of Troitskoye, and before the start of the revolution, the volumes of the necessary raw materials were supplied in large volumes. The local clay was famous for its high content of pyrite and iron.

In 1925, a new field was discovered - near the village of Bainy, which was later nicknamed Bainovichsky. And in a year they managed to extract more than 2,5 kilotons of clay. And for the period 1925-1927. about 8,1 kilotons of clay. And by 1930, due to the large volume of raw materials extraction, the Bogdanovichesky refractory plant was built.


Bogdanovich quarries


During the Great Patriotic War, the plant was the main supplier of refractory materials, but by this time it was already in Siberia and the Urals, since the former location was no longer safe.

Later, another field was discovered, which was nicknamed Troitsko-Bainovskoye, in which it was possible to extract about 355 square kilometers. necessary raw materials.

A feature of the field is the complexity of the occurrence. Its depth reached 42 meters. And the refractory clay itself, in its composition, allows you to make from itself - quartz grains, pyrite crystals, marcasite.


Ural Mars


Travel to the Ural Mars.

Everyone dreams of visiting Mars. And what if, you don't need to fly anywhere, but visit it here, very close. This opportunity should not be missed. But it is better to get to it by car; unfortunately, you will not be able to get there in another way. We advise you to go there with friends or family so that you have someone to share your first impressions of this place with. But be prepared for the fact that it will be crowded. Everyone wants to see Earth Mars with their own eyes.

The quarry is well guarded by guards, so you can only reach it along the paved path. No cars are allowed.

You should come here early, or even better, rent a house nearby. If you yourself cannot do this, or do not have an idea of ​​how to get there at all, then we recommend using the services of our company, we will draw up a route for you and select a house that will match you or your family. We will take into account all your wishes.

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