Death Valley in Kamchatka

Death Valley in Kamchatka

It is customary to call the Death Valley a section of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve with an area of ​​about 3 square meters. km, on which it is deadly without a gas mask. Despite the likelihood of harm to health, the place attracts many tourists, becoming the object of a kind of pilgrimage among lovers of everything unexplored and unknown.


Death Valley in Kamchatka


History of research

The Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Kamchatka was created back in Soviet times. The work of scientists in it brought to the world many significant discoveries in the field of studying volcanoes and tectonic movements of the earth's crust. Thanks to the activities of the reserve, it was possible to preserve many species of animals and plants listed in the “endangered” section in the Red Book. Among them are the bighorn sheep, sea otters and others.

The name of the Valley of Death appeared in 1975. That is how the researcher V.L. Leonov and the forester V.S. Kaliayev. It was Leonov who first examined the place and came to the conclusion that animals of various sizes, including bears, are constantly dying on it for unknown reasons. The researcher himself was almost killed.

The study of the object began, which continues today. In the face of an acute lack of funding, volcanologists managed to find out that the anomalous atmosphere in Death Valley is created by underground vapors that penetrate outward through wide cracks in the earth's crust, formed due to constant seismic activity. The valley itself is made up of volcanic slabs of solidified lava that erupted over the years from the Kikhpinych volcano, which remains active to this day.


Death Valley in Kamchatka


What is so special about the place?

The valley is remarkable for its unique status. It is still not clear why animals die in it. The composition of the gas evaporating from the ground is approximately clear, but it is not entirely clear why animals simply cannot leave after poisoning, because paralysis of the respiratory organs does not occur immediately. This and other scientific problems give rise to many conspiracy theories.

The very view of the Valley is truly majestic and does not resemble anything - powerful streams of underground gases burst out through the thickness of the earth continuously against the background of the Kikhpinych volcano cone, involuntarily bringing back thoughts of post-apocalypse and the inevitable death of all mankind.


How to get there?

For obvious reasons, it is impossible to get into the Valley itself. On its perimeter, there are camps for scientists who are unlikely to allow a tourist to enter the gas cloud and die. It is difficult to get to its perimeter on your own - there are no roads. The only way is by helicopter transfer, because Death Valley is included in the program of many tours. Not far from the Death Valley (by Siberian standards) is the not less famous Valley of Geysers.

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