Fabulous pools on the Isle of Skye

Scotland Landmark: Fabulous Pools on the Isle of Skye

In Scotland, the Isle of Skye has pools of fabulous beauty. This island is the main attraction of the country.

Placement Locations

The fabulous pools are close to the Scottish town. Carbott. The waters of the Atlantic wash the island from all sides. The warm current helps to maintain a temperate climate throughout the year. The island has:

  1. The mountains;
  2. waterfalls;
  3. streams;
  4. swimming pools;
  5. vast forests.

There are clean air, warm water, beautiful landscape. Today Skye's fabulous pools attract a large number of tourists from all over the world. The island has a large Quillins mountain, at the foot of which streams and waterfalls flow. Tropical forests grow around the mountain range, and there are recreation areas for tourists:
beaches with sun loungers and parasols.


Fabulous pools on the Isle of Skye


The natural world of the Isle of Skye is extremely rich and varied. Country Scotland surprises tourists with a variety of flora and fauna. The following types of animals are found here:

  • Deer;
  • sheep and rams;
  • rabbits.

The virgin forests of the island have become a home for birds. Here you can find a large number of such birds:

  • Raven;
  • seagulls;
  • ringed plovers;
  • meadow grooves.

There are even gray herons and dunlins. Their habitats are lakes, streams, pools and wetlands. Pure and transparent water flows in the basins of the island. It flows down there from the mountains and is usually cold. Fans of swimming in the lakes and pools of the island are better off using special clothing: a wetsuit.


Fabulous pools on the Isle of Skye



Tourists' trips around the island are organized under the guidance of instructors. The relief of the area requires tourists to follow the recommendations and be careful. The island has a moderate temperature, but in case of rain, there are slight difficulties with movement. High-mountain midges also cause discomfort to vacationers. These small insects annoy tourists, but they can be dealt with with repellents.



Scotland's fabulous pools are a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Tourists will have to travel a lot around the area, so it is better to wear comfortable and warm clothes. It is better to choose shoes of a sports type, with low heels. The traveler should have a backpack with basic necessities and a minimum supply of food and medicine.

Getting there

The Isle of Skye is quite large in size among the Inner Hebrides. You can get here by ferry or steam train, which departs from the station in the Scottish city of Malleigh. Trip Guru helps travelers design the best itinerary for any location, including the unique Isle of Skye with its Fabulous Pools and varied landscapes.

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