Princess Gagarina's palace

Palace of Princess Gagarina, Crimea

If you want to see what the castle looks like, which is made in different styles from four sides, then welcome to the palace of Princess Gagarina. The story of his appearance is dramatic and beautiful. Without love, it was not done.


Princess Gagarina's palace


A bit of history

Prince Gagarin Alexander Ivanovich, from a noble family of the Gagarins, was in the imperial army, and lived on his estate in the village of Kuchuk-Lambat. After the death of his first wife, he met the Georgian princess Tasso Orbeliani, and love flared up between the two aristocrats. Alexander Ivanovich often shared with his wife the idea that one day he would build a fairytale castle for them, where the spouses would build their little world. But unfortunately, three years after the wedding, the prince died. After the wedding, Tasso Orbeliani, who became Anastasia Davidovna Gagarina, had a hard time enduring her husband's death. She spent a year in mourning until she made sense. Build in honor of their late husband the castle they once dreamed of so much. And so the palace of Princess Gagarina appeared.


Princess Gagarina's palace


How to get there?

This place is located on Cape Plaka, offering fantastic views of the peninsula. The palace itself is made in the Germanic style, with Gothic elements. The princess did not skimp on finishing, and all decorative materials were the best in their time, imported from abroad. It really looks like that fairytale castle.

At present, the Utyos sanatorium is located on the territory of the palace. In the building itself, the administration is located, but you can easily go there yourself, or with an excursion group. Stucco molding, gold and gilding, decoration in blue and white colors. It's just worth seeing. The palace territory will also not leave anyone indifferent. There is a house church, preserved from that time, as well as the family crypt of the Gagarin-Borozdins. The statue of Princess Gagarina, installed in front of the palace, was made by the honored sculptor V. Gordeev. When you walk around the park to your heart's content, you should know that there is a direct path to a well-equipped beach. Nearby is Partenit, with its famous park, and another aristocratic estate "Karasan".

Tourists who have been here earlier celebrate the hospitality of the guards and discounts on tickets in the nearest cafes. Well-groomed park, and easy, but beautiful routes. Both in the palace itself and nearby, there is something to see and where to relax. How can you see all this? Ask Trip Guru, we will be happy to advise.

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