Genoese fortress

Genoese fortress

The Genoese Fortress is a fortification of the Republic of Genoa, which is located on the coast of Crimea, in the city of Sudak. The fortification was erected on a cliff 157 meters high and includes two lines of fortifications located one after the other.


Historical information

The fortress was built to protect one of the colonies of the Genoese Republic. But the first fortifications were built during the rule of the Byzantine Empire. The fortification acquired its present appearance in the XII century, when the Genoese troops, having displaced the Golden Horde and its allies from the Crimean coast, occupied the city of Sudak. This event marked another round in the development of the fortress, which lasted from 1365 to 1475. The last military buildings were erected by order of Alexander Suvorov in 1775 to prevent the Turkish landing. These were the artillery redoubt and the barracks of the Kirillovsky regiment stationed there.


Genoese fortress



The fortress is a very popular tourist destination largely due to the atmosphere it creates. The towers, the best preserved part of the structure, play an important role in this. The route from the gate to the direction of the Consular Tower is popular, since the convenient road to the Dozornaya is practically destroyed by the Bavarian and Westphalian settlers, who at the end of the 25th century dismantled part of the walls in order to use building materials and the vacated territory for their own needs. But you will not regret if you still get to the observation deck of the tower: the most complete panorama of the surrounding landscapes opens from its height. This is due to the fact that it was used for observation. The route to the Consular Castle is distinguished by the fact that it is more diverse and includes structures from different eras: the barracks of the Kirillov Regiment, the Padishah-Jami Mosque, which houses the Sudak Fortress Museum-Reserve, and the Consular Tower itself. The most comfortable time to visit is in the morning, since the flow of tourists has not yet increased, and the air temperature has not yet reached an uncomfortable XNUMX ° C. But the early evening can give us an unforgettable experience: the setting sun illuminates the fortress, covering all the wounds inflicted by time, and the fortress appears before us in all its splendor.


Genoese fortress


Interesting fact!

Since 2000, the "Genoese Helmet" festival has been held on the territory of the fortress. This is a colorful knights' festival, which takes place in several stages. A great opportunity to diversify your vacation. The festival includes various competitions, there is an opportunity to purchase various souvenirs, visitors are often invited to taste dishes of medieval cuisine. The date of the event changes every year, but since the administration of the festival contacts various organizations, information on the period of the festival can be obtained from a travel agent.


Genoese fortress


The procedure for conducting excursions

The opening hours of the museum largely depend on the time of year and the length of daylight hours, but nevertheless, the fortress is open to everyone all year round.

Service prices:

Inspection of the fortress - 150 rubles

Hiring a guide - 50 rubles

 There is no admission fee for children under 16 years old.


The Genoese Fortress is just one of the many attractions of the Crimean coast. And a tourist route that includes other objects besides it will be the best choice.

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