Mountains-Shikhany, Sterlitamak

Not far from the town of Sterlitamak in Bashkiria are the fabulously beautiful Shikhany mountains. Once upon a time they were at the very bottom of the Perm Sea. Their age is more than 250 million years. The Shikhan Mountains are considered a geological property of Bashkiria and every day attract countless crowds of tourists.

There are four stunningly beautiful and majestic mountains along the Belaya River. Mount Shikhan is characterized by gentle slopes and is located separately from the three mountains. Mountains - Kushtau, Yuraktau and Toratau are consistently next to each other.

The mountains are not only a valuable historical find, but also have great historical significance. There are fossilized remains of various animal species in the mountains. On the slopes of the peaks, there are many healing and rare plants listed in the Red Book.




Legends of the mountains

There are several legends about the appearance of mountains, and they are all very reverent. One of them says about the love of a horseman for a beautiful, but insidious girl. In confirmation of love, the girl said to bring the heart of the boy's mother. Dzhigit fulfilled the girl's request, but carrying his heart stumbled and dropped it. At that moment, the mother's heart piteously asked: "Son, are you hurt?" and turned to stone.


Mount Yuraktau

The mountain has a cone shape with alternating gentle and steep slopes. The picturesque river Moksha flows at the foot of the Shikhan slope. On all sides Yuraktau is surrounded by clean springs, in one of them there is a spring with unique sulphurous water.


Mount Kushtau

Kushtau is one of the largest and longest shikhans. The mountain is famous for its numerous resorts and ski slopes. A magnificent rest house was built to receive tourists.


Mount Toratau

Shikhan Toratau is surrounded by the deep and clean lake Tugar-Salgan. The mountain has long been chosen by paragliders. The ruins of the GULAG are located on the slopes, which remind of the repressions of those years.




Shikhan sights

Going on a trip, you can not only fully enjoy a wonderful vacation, but also see ancient finds. They are located on the tops of the shikhans and represent the remains of ancient settlements of the Bronze and Iron Ages.

An ancient burial mound with several settlements was found nearby. In the spring, you can see a beautifully spilling waterfall next to the mountain ledges. At this time, all archaeological finds and ancient settlements are under the protection of the state.

You should definitely visit these unique places, you can get there on your own. Enjoy your trip and entrust Trip Guru specialists with choosing the right route.

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