Halaktyr beach

Khalaktyrsky beach, Kamchatka Territory

The stunning beauty of Khalaktyrsky Beach is a multi-kilometer coastline of the Avacha Bay of the Pacific Ocean of black volcanic sparkling sand, behind which, like a wall, a dense forest rises. Located on the east coast between the Khalaktyrka and Nalycheva rivers. 



Amazing beauty of untouched nature

The Khalaktyrsky wild beach is especially good at dawn. The ocean is especially beautiful in the morning hours, when the water is completely calm with a light breeze, the bright warm sun slowly lazily rises, gliding with its first rays along the water surface, carrying them to the far western lands. Lingonberry, shiksha and sea rose ripen at the end of summer - sources of vitamins and good mood for the whole day. Kamchadals also praise the local mushroom places.

Halaktyr beach


Inhabitants of places

Often you can see the footprints of bears not only in the vicinity on the plain and in the forest, but also on the beach itself. Therefore, it is recommended for safety and more vivid emotions to visit Khalaktyrsky beach with a large company. Among the inhabitants of the ocean, there are killer whales and seals.


Halaktyr beach


Extreme in Kamchatka

Khalaktyrsky beach is rightfully considered the most popular surfing spot in Kamchatka. Waves reach 15 meters and a fair wind awaits courageous surfers all year round. The water temperature near the coast in the hottest season reaches +12 +14 degrees. Diving and paragliding are also popular. The romance of spending the night in a tent under a starry sky fascinates even the most notorious skeptics and lovers of civilization.

Many Kamchadals like to come to Khalaktyrsky beach and consider it a place of power to recharge with energy. The beauties of the Pacific Ocean fascinate and amaze with their uniqueness. If you are lucky with the weather, you can watch and breathe with the ocean for hours, listen to the sound of the surf, admire the blue sky above your head and the blue black sand under your feet, and only the bright wings of windsurfers stand out against the background of calm shades of untouched nature. A true paradise for the eyes and a delight for the ears of tired city tourists.

You can visit this amazing place, enjoy these views live and breathe in the fresh ocean air on your own. We can offer you to get even more positive emotions if you entrust your vacation to us. We will develop a route just for you and take care of all the complexities of the organization!

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