Roof of "Red October"

Roof of "Red October"

The roof of the Krasny Oktyabr factory is a rather little-known, but very interesting observation deck in the old part of Moscow. The building is located in the center of the capital on Balchuk Island, on the Moskva River.


Brief history of the building


In pre-revolutionary Russia, the factory was called "Einem" and was one of the most popular confectionery enterprises in the empire. She produced any kind of confectionery, but chocolate was especially famous - it was even supplied to the imperial court in St. Petersburg.

The production was founded by the Prussian philanthropist and confectionery magnate Ferdinand Theodor Einem. He brought the German production model, technology and product quality. The complex of buildings was built in the typical Russian factory architecture of the second half of the 19th century. "Brick" style. Its peculiarity was the use of red brick for cladding, in which art critics find a reference to old Russian traditions.

It is curious that when Moscow in 1905 found itself in the flames of revolutionary events, the workers of the Einem factory did not join the general strike, because the working conditions were quite acceptable for that time - the working day was only 10 hours.

After the October 1917 revolution, the factory passed into the power of the Soviets and was named "Red October". Sweets and chocolate were produced here until the 1990s, now the premises of the factory are leased, because the building fits well into the fashionable Russian cultural loft movement.




What is so special about the roof of the factory?


The roof of Krasny Oktyabr is remarkable in itself. Firstly, the new owners did not disfigure it with signs, preserving its historical appearance. Here you can see the original Soviet factory sign, which perfectly matches the surrounding urban landscape. Do not be surprised that the entire roof of the building is covered with white paint - this is the composition of the artist Pokras Lampas - if you look at the roof from above, you can see a flower or something similar to it.

But the main advantage of the place is the excellent and clean views of Moscow. The building of Moscow State University, the Moscow River, and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior are visible. You can see the memorials to Peter the Great and the Tsvetkov mansion, the new Tretyakov Gallery and the skyscrapers of Moscow City. Unusual photos for social networks are provided!




How to get?


Unfortunately, there are no beaten paths of penetration, otherwise the place would become super popular in the capital. You just need to agree with one of the tenants in order to legally get into the territory, but then somehow go out onto the roof, which is also locked.

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