Sakhalin island

Sakhalin Island, Far East

Sakhalin is one of the largest Russian islands. Located off the east coast of Asia. It is washed by the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The flora and fauna of the island is much poorer than in Europe or Asia. However, here you can find many rare plants and animals, and picturesque mountain landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. 



The island passed from Russia to Japan several times. This led to the bizarre mixing of Russian and Japanese culture and architecture here. A striking example is the building of the Museum of Local Lore in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Built in 1937, in the traditional Japanese style, it contains a collection of 170 thousand exhibits - the flora and fauna of the island, household items of the indigenous peoples of Sakhalin.

Another example of Japanese culture on Sakhalin is sacred gate - torii made of white marble near the village of Vzmorie. Once upon a time, the Tomarioru Jinja temple was located not far from them, but unfortunately, it has not survived to this day.


Sakhalin island


But there are many other sights that are worthy of your attention. For example, the Mountain Air ski resort. Rumor has it that it was built while Sakhalin was Karafuto prefecture, that is, in 1940. Be that as it may, after the end of the Second World War, the resort continued to develop already within the USSR. There were even competitions here. In the 1990s, it was not going through the best years, so it was soon closed for restoration. After its opening in the 2000s, the resort has rightfully earned the title of the most beautiful and most modern in Russia. 


Sakhalin island


If you do not like a resort, museum or torii, or you simply want extreme, you can pay attention to the karst caves. A complex of such caves is also located on Sakhalin. 

Having been here, you can also visit the art museum. Although it appeared relatively recently, it has already gained popularity. Temporary exhibitions are held on the first floor of the museum, and permanent exhibitions on the second. (Japanese decorative art, Russian art of the XNUMXth - early XNUMXth centuries, and others).

The great Russian writer Anton Chekhov is very well remembered here. At one time he visited Sakhalin, after which he published the book "Sakhalin Island". One of the city's museums is even dedicated to her. It is called that - the museum of the book "Sakhalin Island. The theater center located on the island also bears the name of Chekhov. It was founded in the 1930s, and received the name of the writer in the 1950s. 

 To get there and see everything with your own eyes, you need to draw up a tourist route. Our company will help you with this.

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