Petrovsky Traveling Palace

Petrovsky Traveling Palace

The Petrovsky Traveling Palace in Moscow is one of the largest civil buildings built in Moscow after the fire of 1812.


Petrovsky Traveling Palace


The beginning of construction and the history of the palace

In 1831, the construction of the palace began according to the project of A.G. Grigoriev.

For many years, the palace was the official summer residence of the emperors of Russia, as well as a place for recreation and reception of guests of the first persons of the state, including members of the imperial family. The project of the palace on the banks of the Moscow River was developed by the outstanding architect K.I. Rossi, who worked for Nicholas I. 

The palace is not only beautiful, but also very cozy. It has several floors. From the first to the third floor there are rooms for receiving guests. The fourth floor is for the emperor and his family, the fifth floor is for servants. As you know, in addition to the main entrance to the palace, there are two more entrances, from the side of the river and from the embankment. The construction of the palace was completed by the end of 1834.

In 1835, the gates were opened and in front of the palace a ceremonial courtyard was erected with a gate and a colonnade that overlooked the embankment. The gates with columns were installed on the territory - one of the first in Moscow. The columns are made of gray slate. A ceremonial hall was made in the palace - large in plan, with high ceilings and windows in the park. All the walls were covered with silk and the ceilings were decorated with paintings.


Petrovsky Traveling Palace


The palace today

Currently, those visitors who have already been to the Petrovsky Travel Palace say that it has become very popular among tourists and residents of Moscow who come to the capital of our country to admire the beauty of the city.

The palace is located on the banks of the Moscow River, and itself is located on the territory of the former Tsar's estate.

Until October 1917, it was one of the most famous palaces in Moscow.

Today it has been included in the list of specially protected monuments.

We really want each of you to visit this special place.

The Petrovsky Traveling Palace is a symbol of the history of our country.


Petrovsky Traveling Palace


Getting there

It should be noted that it is best to explore the palace on your own, because it will amaze you with the beauty of its architecture and interior decoration.

If you want to order a route from us to visit this unique monument of history and architecture, then you just need to contact us. It only takes you a few minutes. We are confident that you will get an unforgettable experience from walking through the palace.

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