Shepelevsky lighthouse

Shepelevsky lighthouse

One of the interesting objects to visit on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland in the Leningrad region is the Shepelevsky lighthouse.

The landmark was created in 1910 by the French firm "Barbier and Fenestr". The 38-meter high brick structure is painted with alternating red and white stripes.


Shepelevsky lighthouse


Everything has survived to this day in its original form.

The tower continues to operate, giving two long flashes with an interval of 16 seconds. The color of the lights depends on the direction of movement towards it. Signal visibility is just over 30 kilometers. An autonomous diesel power plant operates near the structure.

The area around you can see, but it is forbidden to climb the object itself. But tourists love this place for its silence, comfort, pine forest, a unique opportunity to visit a historical place and relax at the same time. Nearby there is a tower, having climbed on it, a wonderful panorama of the emerald transparent surface and a tower high as a monument opens up.


Shepelevsky lighthouse


In 1941-1944, the building served as the initial starting point of the 71 km Ice Road of Life to Lavensaari Island through the Seskar and Maly Islands. It was the lighthouse that was the heart of the Oranienbaum bridgehead of the Red Army in 1944. From here began the full-scale lifting of the blockade of the city of Leningrad.

A little more than fifty years ago, an electromagnetic emitter of sounds was installed on it, and in 1998 - an installation that corrects navigation. It allows you to determine where ships are located with an accuracy of 10 meters and within a radius of about 350 km.


What to see?


Near the landmark, one and a half kilometers away, there is the small village of Shepelevo, which in the XNUMXth century was granted to the estate of the famous Major General Stepan Shepelev, Sosnovy Bor and the vast territory of the Lebyazhy state nature reserve. Rare birds and animals are found here, the flora is represented by plants listed in the Red Book. The place is beautiful and full of romance. It's best to go there on your own for an unforgettable weekend.

The building of the Shepelevsky lighthouse at the beginning of the twentieth century, the landscape of the Karavaldai peninsula are examples of lighthouse architecture and should rightfully be attributed to the cultural heritage of Russia.

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