Sochi arboretum

Sochi arboretum: history and features

The Sochi Arboretum was founded by a truly amazing person. His name was Sergei Nikolaevich Khudekov. At one time he served in the army, retired with the rank of major and took up literary activity. But he did not write books about wars and battles: his first famous work was "The History of Dance" in four volumes. Then he bought a not very popular weekly called Peterburgskaya Gazeta, made it a daily, and increased its circulation by 5 times. He was a versatile and talented person, you can't say anything.


Birth of an arboretum over the Black Sea

He was also a passionate gardener. He broke up an arboretum in his own estate in the Ryazan Region, dreaming of bringing trees from all over the world there. However, the climate in the Ryazan region in winter was too harsh, not all even European guests took root. And then, in 1889, a retired major bought a plot in Sochi on Vereshchagin Hill, which later became known as Lysaya. And there he set up a park of 15 hectares for subtropical trees and plants. This is how the Sochi arboretum was founded.

In 1922 the arboretum was nationalized. By this time, Khudekov managed to collect 550 plant exhibits. Contrary to expectations, the Bolsheviks did not ruin the park, but quickly increased the number of outlandish subtropical plantings to one and a half thousand.


Sochi arboretum


Lower park

A few years later, the park cut a large avenue into two parts. Then it was called after Stalin, today it is - Kurortny. Two parts of the arboretum appeared - the lower and the upper. The lower park is located closer to the Black Sea and is considered flat. There are many alleys and ponds where ducks, swans and pelicans swim. Some bodies of water have small but very picturesque waterfalls.

There is also a magnificent rose garden and an attractive bamboo grove.


Upper Park

Not only plant attractions, but also architectural ones are attractive here. In the center of the park there is a very peculiar and beautiful villa "Nadezhda", which a retired major once named after his wife. There are many fountains, gazebos, rotundas, everything is done in a light style against the background of subtropical plants and trees.

From the lower part of the arboretum to the famous observation deck above the arboretum, you can climb the cable car. Its length is approaching a kilometer. At one time she was featured in the famous film "Assa". From here, when climbing, beautiful landscapes of the park, the city and the sea open up.


Sochi arboretum


Getting there

Now the arboretum is located almost in the center of Sochi, so you can get here by regular bus. Stop "Circus".

Location (Map)

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