The flooded bell tower in Kalyazin

The flooded bell tower in Kalyazin

The ancient city of Kalyazin is located in the western part of the Tver region, on the right bank of the Volga. The old part of the city with all the buildings was flooded by 1940. According to the plan of the Soviet state, the Volga expanded, and the Uglichny reservoir was created. Since then, the bell tower of the former Nikolsky Church has stood alone in the waters of the reservoir.


The five-tiered bell tower was built at the beginning of the 75th century and belonged to the Nikolo-Zhabensky monastery. It was executed in the style of classicism, had a spire on the dome, and belonged to one of the tallest religious buildings. The height of the bell tower is about XNUMX meters; by the middle of the XNUMXth century, it already had twelve bells.


Before World War II, the country's plans included a large project for the construction of a hydroelectric power station. The Volga was artificially expanded, large buildings in the city were dismantled and all the rest were flooded. The bell tower was also planned to be removed, but then it was decided to keep it for navigation on the water for river vessels. She began to function as a lighthouse.


The flooded bell tower in Kalyazin


The bell tower, which had been in the water for a long time, was not repaired. In the 80s of the XX century, destruction began to be noticeable, the architectural monument began to tilt. According to all documents, the bell tower was listed as a lighthouse, so funds were allocated to repair an important object and strengthen the foundation. At the same time, a small island was poured around the Kalyazin bell tower. The bell tower was no longer a lonely structure among the water. They built a pier, where life was already beginning to rage. Boats, boats with tourists or just curious people moored.


Nowadays, Orthodox liturgies are held in the Kalyazin bell tower, it has been updated with new bells, the ringing of which is carried along the Uglich reservoir. The state plans to make the Kalyazin bell tower a large-scale repair and reconstruction in order to attract more tourists. There will be a small museum, an observation deck, modern illumination of a historical architectural monument.


Now the place is actively visited by people, services are regularly held there. In winter, tourists get to the building on ice, in summer - by boats and boats. Some under their own power, some organized with a tourist group. We can develop an individual and convenient route so that you can independently visit the famous architectural monument - the Kalyazin bell tower.

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