Here you can see an example of one itinerary for the Philippines for 14 days. 


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A little about the Philippine Islands

The Philippines is an amazing country that attracts tourists, consisting of more than seven thousand islands. The country attracts tourists with exotic paradise beaches on the Pacific coast, covered with the most delicate white sand. Fans of a comfortable stay can stay in one of the comfortable hotels and choose a room overlooking the ocean.

Those looking to see the modern life of the Filipinos should visit Manila. In the capital, life is in full swing, the streets are always crowded. On the thousands of Philippine islands, every tourist will discover something amazing.


Route for 14 days
(beach vacation)

For residents of the European part of their homeland, the easiest and cheapest flight to the Philippines is from Moscow. For those living further to the east, it is very convenient to travel from Vladivostok, Irkutsk.

Day one


The capital of the Philippines, Manila, can be reached by several airlines with connections in Dubai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Russian citizens do not need a visa to the Philippines. 

There is a lot to see in the capital itself. So  there are also a large number of hotels where you will stay and rest before your next flight.

Day one

Day two

Visiting the sights of Manila

Intramuros, or the city outside the walls, is the main attraction of Manila.

Jose Rizal Historical Park, District Binondo - the oldest Chinatown in the world, Mall of Asia is the largest shopping center.

Day three

Domestic flight to Boracay

Manila-Caticlan (domestic flight). After leaving the small plane at the Caticlan airport, you need to get from the building of the local airport terminal to the marinas. The marina is less than 3 km away. A local taxi is at your service.

Next, by boat, having previously purchased boarding tickets, we go directly to the island of Boracay itself.

Hotel accommodation.

Day three

Day four-six

Islands for one day

We rest, sunbathe, swim, having previously stayed at the booked hotel. It offers beaches, swimming pools, diving, a golf course, a surf beach, as well as night discos and a large number of oceanfront cafes.

Seventh day

Island route

Walking tour of the island. On the island at the 3rd Boat Station there is mosque and at the 2nd station there is a catholic cathedral.

Mangrove nursery
Mangrove plantations are located on the opposite side of the island near Bulabog Beach. It can be easily reached on foot by walking around the island from the 3rd or 2nd station.

Willy's rock
An interesting rock for landscape photography and photo shoots. Located at the 1st boat station.


Seventh day

Day eight

We continue our beach holiday

Relaxing on the beach. We visit Happy Dreamland Theme Park. Theme park entrance fee 100P. Located on Main Road on the way to Diniwid Beach. 

Day nine

Island Walk to Mount Luho

There are two observation platforms on the mountain with beautiful panoramic views of the island. We got here on foot from the 2nd boat station through Bulabog beach. The entrance to the sites is paid. Entry fee to the observation deck 100P. It is better to climb to the second site if you go up the road. From the observation deck, you can go down to the coast on a zipline

Day nine

Day ten

Crocodile Island

It is a small island, resembling the body of a crocodile in its shape. There are no hotels here, there are only small houses that are equipped with everything that is necessary for tourists to relax. On the island you can enjoy the tranquility and tranquility, as well as admire the beautiful flora and fauna, untouched by man. In addition, there are beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. On the island you can go fishing, diving and surfing.

Day eleven

Dean Village - Ivid

This is a great place for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the life of the island. Here you can get acquainted with the living conditions of local residents, walk along the narrow streets, and also witness the traditional and world famous cockfighting. In local cafes, the visitor can taste the traditional cuisine of Boracay and taste the national dishes of this island.

Day eleven

Day twelve

Return to Manila

By tricycle to the pier, by boat to Caticlan island, to the airport and fly to Manila. We stay at a pre-selected hotel.

Day thirteen

A day in Manila

Another day in Manila. You can visit the aquarium (it's worth it). Get a good night's sleep so you can easily move your way home.

Day thirteen

Day fourteen

Coming home

Manila-Moscow with a transfer at the selected location. You need to arrive at the airport in advance, as there are long queues.

* Here is a short route without detailed travel information. We draw up a complete route individually.

Philippines Attractions

Intramuros area in Manila

On the banks of the Pasig River is the famous historical district of the capital - Intramuros. At the end of the 1607th century, it was built to protect Spanish families. Today, tourists from all over the world come here to see with their own eyes the ancient fortress of Intramuros, to visit one of the oldest churches in the country, San Agustin, built in XNUMX, and also to get acquainted with the local defensive structure - Fort Santiago.

about Boracay

One of the most popular tourist centers in the country. There are excellent places for diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing, and beach lovers are attracted by the famous White Beach. There are many hotels, cafes and restaurants on the island of Boracay, and trendy DJs and daily incendiary discos await night-time party-goers.

Chocolate hills

On the island of Bohol, famous among tourists, there is an unusually picturesque mountain system - Chocolate Hills. These geological monuments got their original name thanks to the grass that covers them. During the dry season, the grass dries up and turns from green to brown - hence the name of the hills.

Mayon volcano

One of the most beautiful active volcanoes on the planet is the Philippine volcano Mayon, located on the island of Luzon. At the base of the volcano, you can see the remains of the city of Sagzawa, destroyed by the eruption of 1814. You can see Mayon from a bird's eye view from the cockpit of a seaplane; those who wish have the opportunity to climb on foot to the volcano.

Philippine cuisine

Filipino cuisine is quite unique and quite different from neighboring Asian countries. Its formation was influenced by both the geographical location and the history of the country. The seas washing the islands from all sides are a source of all sorts of the most exotic seafood: shellfish, crabs and lobsters and, of course, a huge number of different types and varieties of fish - among which the most common and popular is tuna, and the most delicious is stingray. Rice is grown almost everywhere in the Philippines, which is the basis of the Philippine meal. It's amazing what Filipinos don't make from rice: cereals, soups, as well as all kinds of sweets and sweets that you would never think they were made of rice. 

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